Jackie and Eddie's 12 Month Club

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Receive a gift from Jackie and Eddie's every two months. 4 monthly shipments of Ginger Cookies, 1 month receive Heart-Shaped Brownies, and 1 month receive Old Fashioned English Toffee.


Jan.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Feb.- Old Fashioned English Toffee
Mar.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Apr.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
May.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Jun.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Jul.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Aug.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Sep.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Oct.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Nov.- Ginger Cookies - 12 count 
Dec.- Old Fashioned English Toffee


Jan.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Feb.- Old Fashioned English Toffee
Mar.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Apr.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
May.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Jun .-Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Jul.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Aug.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Sep.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Oct.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Nov.- Ginger Cookies - 24 count 
Dec.- Old Fashioned English Toffee 


Upon placing your order you will receive an email confirmation. There will be no further email notifications throughout the Cookie Club membership as you receive your monthly orders. Your orders will be shipping at the end of the first week of each successive month. Shipping is Free!

Club Schedules. Clubs can be started in any month. We ship on the third Wednesday of each month. A calendar will arrive with the first collection and the next delivery date will be noted on the packing slip. Going on vacation and you need your ship date changed? Just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Club Benefits. Join any club to receive a one-year, 10% discount on all purchases (web orders only).